Commercial CRM

BrightScale’s best-in-class CRM solution designed specifically for commercial sales and marketing teams. Our system includes a centralized database of customer information, tools for managing customer interactions and communications, and the ability to track and analyze customer behavior and preferences. It is also fully integrated with other business systems and is accessible from any device. By using our CRM, sales and marketing teams can more effectively manage their relationships with customers, improve their efficiency, and increase their overall performance.

Commercial Data Warehouse

BrightScale’s data warehouse service ingests, cleanses, normalizes, and masters billions of rows of data from multiple sources. We provide a foundation for data analytics and sales and marketing operations, enabling informed decision-making. Our data warehouse ingests data from various sources, including databases, CRMs, and marketing platforms. It cleanses and normalizes data to ensure reliability. Our data warehouse allows real-time access to and analysis of data from across an organization, empowering data-driven decision-making and business growth.

Commercial Analytics

Our commercial data analytics service empowers sales and marketing teams to understand and optimize their performance. By analyzing data from various sources such as customer interactions, marketing campaigns, and sales data, we provide insights and recommendations that help sales and marketing teams make data-driven decisions and improve their effectiveness. We combine highly visual online dashboards with customized analysis and consulting services to help teams understand their specific business challenges and opportunities, and develop strategies to drive growth. 


  • Solution Architecture
  • Technology Selection
  • Data Strategy
  • Process Engineering


  • Commercial Analytics Dashboards
  • Data Aggregation
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Omnichannel Marketing

managed services

  • Data Stewardship
  • MDM and Data Quality
  • CRM Administration
  • Data Warehouse Hosting & Support
  • Analytics & Report Administration


We partner with best in breed vendors to provide  our Commercial Platform to our customers