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Explosion Proof Scales for Paint Mixing Processes

Not all products are manufactured the same way. While some production environments carry little risk, others are actually quite dangerous. Many operations handle flammable or explosive materials on a daily basis and paint mixing is just one of many. The mixing process involves materials that can be ignited when introduced into the environment in a … Read more

Corrosion Resistant Industrial Weighing Solutions

Whether you work in a wet, wash down environment or your daily operations require your equipment to come into contact with corrosive liquids, gases, or solids, corrosion resistance is a must. Corroded equipment can not only cause safety issues, it can also affect your productivity and your profitability. Repairs and replacements cost time and money. … Read more

Easy to Calibrate and Operate Laboratory Precision Balances

Above all things, lab work requires accuracy. The precision with which experiments and tests are performed can have a huge impact on the lab’s overall success. Whether the lab formulates and tests new pharmaceuticals, processes blood work, or any other number of possibilities, accuracy is the cornerstone of results and repeatability. The challenge is finding … Read more

Ultra Precision Scales for Silicon Chip Manufacturing

Silicon chips power the devices you use everyday – smartphones, tablets, high performance computers, data centers. The also help automate factories, are embedded in automobiles…they’re everywhere. Sophisticated processors can contain hundreds, millions, or even billions of transistors that are interconnected by fine metallic wires. Each transistor acts as an on/off switch, controlling the flow of … Read more

Batch Weighing Solutions by BrightScale

Batch manufacturing is a production process where a specific number of identical products are assembled following a specific procedure. Some batch manufacturing is done manually, but more often these process use semi- or fully-automated procedures. This kind of manufacturing is generally used during short production runs where the products are made to order. The machinery … Read more

Precision Balances for Laboratories

When it comes to conducting experiments and various testing procedures, nothing is more important than the accuracy of the process. Formulations must be exact so that results can be duplicated. Precision balances are an important part of this process, but with the volume of scale providers available, it can be hard to know how to … Read more

Digital Industrial Scale

A large digital industrial scale can be used for a variety of different applications in the industrial, pharmaceutical, shipping and farming industries. It can be difficult to find large platform and floor scales which are built with high quality materials and that will last for years. Often manufacturers skimp on materials and produce scales that … Read more

The Risks of Using the Wrong Scales When Weighing Corrosive Materials

Weighing corrosive materials naturally comes with some risk, with damage to the weighing equipment being the most common. While this is often seen on external parts of the equipment, many of these materials give off fumes that can also corrode the interior parts of the scale. That means that even if you can’t see the … Read more

Custom Weighing Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

As technology continues to evolve, so do manufacturing processes. What once used to be done manually on an assembly line can now be done by automated systems. Many of these systems rely on scales for batching, mixing, and filling operations as well as quality control, packaging, and shipping. When it comes to purchasing a scale … Read more

High Precision Scales Manufacturer in the USA: BrightScale is the Right Scale

For over thirty years, Brightscale has been manufacturing industrial weighing equipment and technology in our New York-based factory. From high quality load cells to microprocessor instrumentation and computer software, we’ve become leaders in the design and development of weighing solutions. So maybe it will come as no surprise when we say we’ve designed a scale … Read more