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Corrosion Proof Scales for Chemical Weighing

Whether you manufacture chlorine tablets, formulate cleaning solutions, store liquefied gases or anything in between, chances are that your equipment comes into daily contact with corrosive materials. The longer the exposure and the stronger the chemical agents, the more quickly your equipment will corrode. Corroded equipment can pose a safety hazard and affect your productivity … Read more

How to Weigh Objects in Environments with Flammable Gas

There are three groups into which gases are classified: inert gases, oxidizers and flammable gases. Flammable gases can be highly combustive, or even explosive, when mixed with air in certain proportions. And while oxidizers are not flammable on their own, they can provide the fuel other gases need to ignite. If flammable gases are present … Read more

High Resolution Counting Scales for Manufacturing Facilities

If the products you manufacture use small parts, keeping inventory poses a unique set of problems. It’s impractical to count such small pieces by hand, which is why counting scales are so handy. You can use them to convert the weight of a batch of parts into the number of pieces in your batch, which … Read more

Can Scales Cause an Explosion?

Well, that’s the short answer. If the scale is being used in an environment with a high volume of flammable or explosive substances, it is possible that it can become a source of ignition. This is true of any electrical equipment operating in one of these environments. However, safeguards have been sent in place to … Read more

High Accuracy Counting Scales

Managing an inventory of small pieces or parts can be a daunting task for some businesses, especially in high quantities. Automobile parts, toys and computer products all contain extremely small parts that must be accounted for. Counting each piece by hand is extremely impractical, so what can you do to ensure that your inventory is … Read more

Corrosion Proof Scales with Large Platforms

Processing corrosive chemicals puts a lot of strain on your equipment. If it’s not built to withstand the abuse, chances are you spend a lot of your resources repurchasing and replacing equipment. And if you’re not repairing or replacing corroded equipment, you may be creating a safety hazard that can hurt your employees and damage … Read more

Custom Size Explosion Proof Scales

If you work in an environment that handles flammable gases, vapors or liquids; combustible dusts; or fibers and flyings, chances are you work in a hazardous classified location. The National Electric Code The National Electric Code (NEC) includes the classification system for the hazardous materials mentioned above as well as guidelines for the safe installation … Read more

Explosion Proof Scales for Military Use

There are a plethora of situations where the military will need an explosion proof scale; from munitions manufacturing to weighing supplies in an aircraft hangar or fuel servicing area to research labs and anything in between. For example, plants that manufacture ammunition or explosives often work with substances that are sensitive to heat and will … Read more

Precision Scales for Scientific Use

Nothing is more important than the accuracy of the process when it comes to running tests and conducting experiments. Every action taken must be taken with extreme care so that results can be duplicated and tested. Precision scales are an important part of this process, but finding a scale that meets your accuracy and budgetary … Read more

How to Find the Right Inventory Counting Scale

Counting scales are a great way to keep track of an inventory that involves lots of small pieces or parts. They’re able to convert the weight of a batch of parts into the number of pieces in that batch. But choosing one that will give you the most accurate results while providing the features you … Read more