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High Resolution Scales for Engineering Schools

Using science to solve problems and invent new things is called engineering. Use an automobile? Travel in an airplane? Watch radio and television broadcasts? Do research on a computer? Thank an engineer. The 21st century has a unique set of challenges for engineers as the solutions they create must be sustainable, promote health, reduce various … Read more

Custom Batching and Filling Equipment from Brightscale

Batch manufacturing is a production process where a exact number of identical products are assembled through a specific process. While some of it is done manually, these processes are usually semi- or fully automated. Usually done in short production runs, many of these products are made to order. This means the machinery has to be … Read more

Industrial Low Profile Chemical Drum Scale

Efficiency is an imperative when it comes to handling chemicals. Industries that formulate chemical solutions, store and ship drums of material, and those that use the material all have a similar need – scales. Whether they use scales to monitor the weight of material left in a drum or to stack and ship pallets of … Read more

Chlorine Gas Cylinder Scales with Programmable Alerts

Chlorine is an element commonly used in industry and found in a variety of household products. It’s actually one of the most commonly manufactured chemicals in the U.S. It’s used as bleach in the manufacture of paper and cloth products and as an ingredient in pesticides, rubber, and solvents. It’s also used to purify drinking … Read more

High Accuracy Scales for Laboratory Use

Purchasing a laboratory scale always seems to come with a sacrifice. If you choose a standard industrial scale, you’re sacrificing the resolution of your scale. (Resolution is the number of decimal places to which your scale can accurately read and is a measure of its performance.) Yet choosing a magnetic force restoration scale forces you … Read more

Precision Weighing Balances in the Manufacturing Industry

There’s a common weighing technology that suits the majority of manufacturing industries. They’re called strain gage load cells. But if you’re reading this article, chances are this technology does not meet your requirements for precise, high resolution measurements. An Underserved Niche Companies that require these higher precision measurements have been underserved by the weighing industry … Read more

Industrial Scales with Data Transmission

Weighing is often a key component of industrial processes, and so is the collection of weight data. Weight is used to ensure products are manufactured correctly and many times is used to help automate filling and mixing operations. Data must be collected to keep inventory, ensure product quality, and many other reasons. Data collection can … Read more

Weighing Components for OEM Systems: The Brightscale Solution

While Brightscale manufactures a wide variety of industrial and ultra precision scales, we also design, develop, and manufacture all of their subassemblies including load cells, microprocessor instrumentation and computer software. And beyond that, we also work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to design and produce the weighing sections of their unique equipment.   We work … Read more

Corrosion Proof Scales for Chemical Weighing

Whether you manufacture chlorine tablets, formulate cleaning solutions, store liquefied gases or anything in between, chances are that your equipment comes into daily contact with corrosive materials. The longer the exposure and the stronger the chemical agents, the more quickly your equipment will corrode. Corroded equipment can pose a safety hazard and affect your productivity … Read more

How to Weigh Objects in Environments with Flammable Gas

There are three groups into which gases are classified: inert gases, oxidizers and flammable gases. Flammable gases can be highly combustive, or even explosive, when mixed with air in certain proportions. And while oxidizers are not flammable on their own, they can provide the fuel other gases need to ignite. If flammable gases are present … Read more