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Ultra Precision Scales: Super Sensitivity and SAW Technology

When fractions of a pound of material can impact the quality of your final product, you’re going to need a precise, high resolution scale that provides superior performance. However, finding such a scale that’s suitable for use in the extreme conditions found in many industrial settings can be pretty tricky. Until now, anyway. Who We … Read more

Scale Readability vs. Scale Accuracy (And Other Weighing Definitions You’ll Need)

Purchasing a scale that actually meets your needs can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the terminology manufacturers use to describe the performance characteristics of their products. Let’s review a few of these together so you can feel confident in your ability to evaluate and compare products as well as your final selections. Before … Read more

Why the Coast Guard Uses Crane Scales

The training program for rescue swimmers that want to join the Coast Guard is rigorous. They must feel extremely comfortable in the water and be physically conditioned to swim in stressful situations and dangerous conditions. But the few who make it through risk their lives to save others by hanging from a helicopter and plucking … Read more

Industries That You Didn’t Know Use Scales

Scales are a part of daily life and many people never even realize how many industries actually rely on them. Sometimes it’s even a matter of your safety. Let’s explore a few of the lesser-known ways scales are used. Spirits Whiskey, vodka, rum, bourbon, gin. The next time you enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage, consider … Read more

Precision Industrial Scales with System Automation Capability

Brightscale has been manufacturing industrial weighing equipment and technology for over 30 years now. Our New York-based factory is where we manufacture the high quality load cells, microprocessor instrumentation, and computer software that have made us leaders in the design and development of all kinds of weighing solutions. That’s why it may come as no … Read more

High Resolution Scales for Engineering Schools

Using science to solve problems and invent new things is called engineering. Use an automobile? Travel in an airplane? Watch radio and television broadcasts? Do research on a computer? Thank an engineer. The 21st century has a unique set of challenges for engineers as the solutions they create must be sustainable, promote health, reduce various … Read more

Custom Batching and Filling Equipment from Brightscale

Batch manufacturing is a production process where a exact number of identical products are assembled through a specific process. While some of it is done manually, these processes are usually semi- or fully automated. Usually done in short production runs, many of these products are made to order. This means the machinery has to be … Read more

Industrial Low Profile Chemical Drum Scale

Efficiency is an imperative when it comes to handling chemicals. Industries that formulate chemical solutions, store and ship drums of material, and those that use the material all have a similar need – scales. Whether they use scales to monitor the weight of material left in a drum or to stack and ship pallets of … Read more

Chlorine Gas Cylinder Scales with Programmable Alerts

Chlorine is an element commonly used in industry and found in a variety of household products. It’s actually one of the most commonly manufactured chemicals in the U.S. It’s used as bleach in the manufacture of paper and cloth products and as an ingredient in pesticides, rubber, and solvents. It’s also used to purify drinking … Read more

High Accuracy Scales for Laboratory Use

Purchasing a laboratory scale always seems to come with a sacrifice. If you choose a standard industrial scale, you’re sacrificing the resolution of your scale. (Resolution is the number of decimal places to which your scale can accurately read and is a measure of its performance.) Yet choosing a magnetic force restoration scale forces you … Read more