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Laboratory Scales Manufacturer in the USA

When it comes to finding precision instruments for laboratories, it seems any purchase you make comes with a sacrifice. If you choose a standard industrial scale, you’re sacrificing the resolution of your scale. But if you choose a magnetic force restoration (MFR) scale, you’re sacrificing your budget and almost always buying a product from overseas, … Read more

How to Control Your Scale Using Your Computer

As computers become more and more fully integrated into our working world, they are cropping up in places where it was once difficult to imagine them. We are not just talking simple computer technology that has been seen in the industrial environment for years. Nor are we talking about robotic technology that has been used … Read more

Factory Mutual Certified Scales

Factory Mutual is a mutual insurance company that specializes in loss prevention for large corporations around the world. They also conduct explosion tests and certify equipment for use in work environments that are, according to NEC classifications, hazardous areas. The NEC, or National Electric Code, is the system the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) … Read more

High Capacity Hanging Scale

The high capacity hanging scale is used in industrial settings, often within the manufacturing industries. However, they may also be found in shipping, agriculture, or aerospace industries. For high-capacity jobs, these scales are also sometimes referred to as “crane scales.” With a welded steel shackle ring and J-hook to hold the load, crane scales or … Read more

Industrial Food Weighing Scales

Accurate food scales are an important piece of equipment in the food industry. Industrial food weighing scales are used for many applications in the manufacture and processing of food products. Food must be accurately weighed for inclusion in product recipes. Food must also be accurately weighed for storage as many food processing plants utilize large … Read more

Floor Scales with Printers

When it comes to weighing shipments and calculating postage, it is important to be accurate and precise. This is why choosing the right scale with which to do so is extremely important. You want a consistent and correct readout every time, but you also want easy readability and efficiency to increase productivity. Floor scales with … Read more

Portable Heavy Duty Scales

Portable heavy duty scales are necessary for weighing processes where it is simpler and more efficient to move the scale rather than the item to be weighed. Portable heavy duty scales have very similar functions to as other scales and are just as accurate. Often, the only real difference between a portable heavy duty scale … Read more

Wireless Digital Display Scales

Digital scales have become more widely used over analog scales due to their precise accuracy, simple calibration, and low margin for human error. Digital LCD readout technology is represented in all forms of scales, whether they’re platform scales, bench scales, or hanging scales. Many industries select their scales to perform very specific functions, such as … Read more

Livestock Scales for Sale

Livestock scales were made to weigh all types of small to large animals like cattle, sheep, and pigs. These scales are developed to be able to hold a great deal of weight and can provide an accurate combined weight of a few tons for a few animals. The same scale that weighs sheep may be … Read more

Top Loading Balance

Top loading balance scales can measure the weight of objects placed on top of them. Most digital top loading balances can provide weight readings in pounds, milligrams or ounces. These digital scales are design to accurately measure the weight of objects up to the third decimal place. Top loading balances can be used in a … Read more