Industrial Crane Scales have a number of important characteristics, including the display size, scale capacity, accuracy, durability and cost. Generally, any of the first four may be improved, but only be increasing the cost. By a combination of excellent engineering, efficient manufacturing made in the USA, and a unique sales channel that eliminates a middle tier, Brightscale industrial Crane Scales offer the best feature-to-price ratio available. This gets combined into a state of the art, easy to use instrument with an impressive list of standard features and options. A large, graphics LCD readout screen and a powerful data communication set round out the feature set.

  • Display Size – Crane Scales are usually limited in the size of the weight readout. This can make it difficult to see the correct weight from a distance. These scales feature a large graphics screen, so the numbers are bold, blocky and easy to read.
  • Scale Capacity –Standard capacities are 2,500 lb, 5000 lb and 10,000 lb. Other custom values may be special ordered.
  • Accuracy – Leading edge electronics coupled with specialized alloy stainless steel load cells result in Crane Scales with high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Special signal processing circuitry provides a stable weight reading.
  • Durability – Most Crane Scales with these capacities are made from sheet metal or cast housings. Instead, for superior durability, a resilient polyurethane ring blankets these scales, which incorporate a machine metal body. Most crane scales use nickel plated steel load cells. Instead, these scales use a massive stainless steel load cell, providing much better overload protection, moisture protection, and increased ruggedness.